Bathtub Refinishing & Reglazing

24 hours to use
Any color of your choice
Job completed in less than one day
Ventilation system keeps smells to a minimum
Environmentally safe products
Old caulking removed and replaced
All chips repaired prior to reglazing
No plumbing, floor or wall alteration involved
Three year guarantee / Standard price from $450.00

 Although not a lifetime solution which we offer with new installations and ‘fit-over-existing-bath’ tubliners, tub refinishing or ‘reglazing’ offers a convenient and affordable solution to transform your discolored or out-dated bathtub back into an attractive and easy to clean renewed fixture.

 As well, refinishing also works very well on tiled surfaces. If your tiled bathtub surround has an unattractive, outdated appearance we can bring it into the 21st Century including sealing the grout lines via an epoxy primer ensuring a watertight enclosure.

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