SHUB® Retractable Shower Screen

Introducing the SHUB® retractable shower screen - a smart solution to those bulky doors and sticky curtains! The SHUB® screen provides maximum access into and out of the bathing area, and can be fitted to most existing showers and baths. The durable material is mildew and mold free and backed by a 5-year guarantee! Say good-bye to your high-maintenance shower curtain and enjoy the convenience of the SHUB® disappearing shower screen!

The SHUB® Screen is a cutting-edge product that gives your shower or bath a clean, attractive look and gives you the convenience of having a retractable curtain that literally "disappears" when not needed.

4 Reasons why the SHUB® screen is ideal to add to your existing bath:

1. The SHUB® screen provides maximum access into and out of the bathing area.
2. It can be fitted easily to most existing showers and baths - also perfect for narrow openings! 3. No dirty shower doors - Easy to access the entire tub for cleaning.
4. No more water leaks from showering with curtain and rod.

Screen features:
• Safe and durable • Mold and Mildew free, easy to clean • Screens come in 3 different options and 3 different frame finishes • 5-year guarantee on both the frame and screen • Custom sizes are available • Replacement screens available – easy to replace if necessary.


We also offer 2 door shower and bathtub glass shower doors. These high quality 8mm glass doors hang on rollers from the top rail and have very little angles on the jambs and bottom rail to trap dirt like the old ones do.

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