Custom Surrounds


ne of the things we at Bathcrest carry exclusively are custom acrylic surrounds. These surrounds are high quality panels of acrylic and can be installed floor to ceiling. They are also very thick, approx 3/16th " thick. Once installed, it would be difficult to put a hammer through them if you were so inclined. Acrylic is very high luster..much better than the fiberglass/gelcoat tub shower units you presently see installed in homes and it will last much longer.

 Our acrylic surrounds come in solid white, or in a variety of colours and styles, like "simulated tile" which looks exactly like tile but without the grout lines to clean. Also included are corner caddies and soap dishes to match. Grab bars, shower doors, and other accessories can be easily installed to compliment the surround system. These acrylic surrounds are a lifetime solution.

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