Clawfoot Restoration

orcelain enamel finished cast iron bathtubs and sinks are normally found today with the some of the original enameled finish in poor, often etched, chipped and rusty condition. They got that way from excessive cleaning with highly abrasive powdered cleansers such as Ajax and Comet. Acetic foods and household chemicals will etch and degrade the enamel coating. They also commonly suffer from rusty and chipped drain and overflow holes.

Sometimes if they have been sitting outside in the elements for 70-80 years, the iron underneath gets rusty and that rust starts creeping up around the edges of the enamel on the rim. Surprisingly, considering the age and neglect, many of these tubs still gleam in all but the bottom area showing how high the quality many of the products and materials of this era were.

We at Bathcrest Bathroom Remodelling have restored and refinished dozens of these tubs over the years inside and out. With the exception of tubs with very rusty drain openings, we can usually restore even the most worn including repairing all chips big and small. If you would like the outside done we usually have it sandblasted if badly rusted.

Outside of tub work must be done in our shop. Otherwise, it is normal for us to refinish the inside in place so there is no need to remove it from your bathroom if installed.  Since the outside is inherently rough and does not see a lot of moisture, some customers save some money by sanding / painting the outside themselves depending on the condition and making sure to use a good quality oil-based paint.

All Clawfoots we refinish include the "DIAMOND COAT" for extra durability and protection. This is a very glossy and very tough clear coat. The timeless elegance and comfort of these tubs restored with our premium products make for a very beautiful and long-lasting winning combination.

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